Social selling: 
Don’t be anti-social.

Who is this playbook for?

  • Anyone looking to get started with social selling and want to avoid the anti-social approach many organizations are taking 

  • Those already running a social selling program and not seeing the expected outcomes and tangible results 

  • Those running social selling programs but wanting to optimise the approach and scale them 

  • Those looking to understand what best practices are and learn from successful social selling programs

  • Those wishing to maximise the ROI of their ABM program

What’s inside?

  • Modern selling today

  • What’s so good about social selling?

  • Putting social in social selling

  • The current problem with social selling

  • Tips for social selling

  • Social selling and ABM - the connection

  • The future of social selling

Don't be antisocial on social. Start social selling.

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How to engage your key accounts with social selling, what strategies to adopt (and which to drop).

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