SoSell: intent driven social selling, that works.

The COVID-19 crisis has transformed the sales engagement model overnight, ushering in a new era of remote selling, one that is likely to be enduring for the long term.

As a result, the tone and context of conversations have changed and networking face to face in customer’s offices or at events has disappeared. 

Social selling offers the answer but for three critical issues: 
1. Having the time to research prospects/customers, sourcing appropriate content to share that’s not just corporate content 
2. Knowing when to share the right content at the right time 
3. Consistent social selling across sales forces does not happen.

The solution: SoSell

Studies show that sales reps who use social channels to engage their customers massively outsell their peers. There is much more to social selling than sharing the occasional corporate post on LinkedIn and the problem is that most social selling tools are designed to do just that. 

SoSell is the world’s first social selling tool to use customer intent data to drive social content to your key accounts. Powered by AI, SoSell identifies the interests of your accounts and automatically suggests relevant posts to share. SoSell takes this a step further by also providing 3rd party content suggestions that will drive engagement with your target account stakeholders on social networks. 

The power of SoSell

Get smart about social selling. Get SoSell.

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Successfully engage your key accounts like O2, VMware, Salesforce and BMC

Intent Driven
Understand what your accounts are interested in and access social content aligned to your customer’s interests in a single click. Receive mobile notifications on the latest Intent trends and instant access to relevant posts to share.

AI Powered
AI analyses the intent signals for your key accounts and suggests relevant posts to share. AI generated comments make posts quick and easy to share and Q-Bot handles the scheduling of posts on your behalf.

Extensive Content
Seamlessly incorporate your social content alongside 3rd party B2B content provided by the SoSell Content Service. Access a library of posts, tagged to topics, and search by subject, industry and type.

Account Tracking
See which accounts are engaging with your posts and the content topics that are getting the most interest. Track engagement across account teams and quickly access other relevant posts to share.

Extensive Reporting
Track and measure the performance of users through SoSell’s proprietary SSI (Social Selling Index) scoring system. Measure team performance and easily identify top social sellers.

Request a short demo of SoSell with our social selling experts using the form above. Find out more about SoSell's capabilities and read our popular guide to social selling below: